To bring or not to bring? Ask that question to ten veteran Abaco visitors, and you’ll get ten different answers. It depends on a number of factors; let’s take a look at them. Food can be heavy, and beverages are really heavy. Liquor is less expensive in Abaco than in the States. Beer, however, is about $35 a case. Milk, water, bread, eggs, fruits and vegetables, and those sort of basic things are always available anywhere. Maxwells in Marsh Harbour is the place to go for everything but Liquor. There are several good liquor stores in Marsh Harbour too, just ask your taxi driver. Go to the stores first and then go pick up your boat. Bear in mind there is no grocery store on Lubbers and you will need to go to Elbow Cay or back to Marsh Harbour if you need to re-stock. Also consider that some of the smaller airlines will charge you extra for bringing in your coolers. There is a new service called AbacoEase that also will shop for you, prior to your arrival so you just pick up your food items from them in Marsh Harbour when you arrive, maximising your vacation time, so their service sounds potentially very useful.

Rental Boats

Rental boats are a necessity for getting around the islands! Rental boats are the run-about types and are available for rent in various sizes. They are easy to operate and the Sea of Abaco is protected and not deep and is perfect for boating.

Most companies offer center consoles in the 20-26’ range. A couple can make do with a 20-footer; a party of 6-8 will want a 26-footer. Larger boats will typically handle rough weather better than smaller ones.

As soon as you book your cottage, you’ll want to rent your boat right away. Listed below are some of the rental agencies:

Blue Wave Boat Rentals, Bay Street, 367-3910
Rainbow Rentals, Bay Street, 367-4602
Rich’s Rentals, 367-2742
Sea Horse Rentals, Boat Harbour, 367-2513

Most people tend to use Sea Horse Rentals as it is nearest to Lubbers Cay. You can actually see Lubbers Cay from Sea Horse, about 3 miles.

Daily Local Info

The best source of daily local Abaco information for visitors is the Cruisers’ Net which is broadcast on VHF channel 68 every morning at 8:15 AM. The Net starts off with a detailed local weather report, some brief international headline news and a quick look at the stock market. Then several Abaco businesses, particularly restaurants, bars, and tour operators, announce their hours and availability, menus, specials, etc. At 9am there is a repeat of the weather. It’s a great thing to listen to even if you are familiar with Abaco.

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